Manufacturing/ Inspection Processes of Flanges
Established in 1946 in Aioi City, Hyogo, as aplant to cooperate with a shipbuilding company,the company has become what it is today as a forged flange/forged fitting manufacturer bythe accumulation of machining know-how, theexpansion of users, and the like.
Our company is characterized by havingproceeded with the improvement of bothproduction and quality management systemsahead of competing companies, starting withall pieces of machining equipment made into oneof NC, the introduction of handling robots andunmanned devices, and the obtaining, first amongdomestic specialty manufacturers, of the certificateof compliance with ISO9000 series. In addition, ourcompany stores raw materials richly and all the time, thus being aimed at a high quality and a shortdelivery time regardless of mass production or asingle product manufacture.

 Manufacturing/ Inspection Processes
 Receipt of raw Materials
Collation and confirmation with the mill certificate.
The raw materials judged acceptable in inspection aretagged with identification codes by material to becontrolled in an all-out way throughout all the processes.
Identification control by cutting weight, what material, and charge No.

Control of forge heating temperature and forge ending temperature Checks on forge dimensions, a surface condition and the re-marking of material codes and charge No.

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 Heat Treatment
Control of and checks on heat treatment conditions as well as the re-marking of control No.
Heat treatment conditions are subject to applicable standards and in-house standards.

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 Sampling of Mechanical Specimens and Conduct of Mechanical Testing
Checks on applicable standards and required mechanical strength.
It is subject to the applicable standard which of the product body, excess portion and another forge should be used to conduct testing.
Machining according to the manufacturing drawing made up pursuant to applicable standards. Each portion to be measured during and after machining.

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 Stamp Engraving/ Finished Goods Inspection
According to the applicable standards the required items (size, pressure class, material, pipe wall thickness, charge No. ) are engraved on the peripheral surface of products.
Checks on engraved stamps and appearance as well asmeasurement of principal dimensions.

Nondestructive testing PHOTO 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  
Destructive inspection PHOTO 1  2  
 Rust-preventive painting
Rust-preventive treatment of products except for stainless steel-made, non-ferrous metal-made(aluminum, copper alloy, Ni alloy, etc.) ones.

 Packing/ Shipping
According to the company's standard packing procedures.

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