Information Security Policy

SHIMODA IRON WORKS CO.,LTD. shall establish the " Information Security Policy "for the purpose of protecting all information assets including any relevant information on our customer.

From now on, we intend to comply with "Information Security Policy" and "Privacy Policy " as separately indicated and maintain information security by protecting assets from various threats and by properly handing them.

Buildup of information security management structure

We will firmly establish a system for protection and management of information assets, prepare various regulations based on these basic policy and promote our information security management.

Assignment of chief information security officer

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations concerning information security.

Implementation of education, training

We will actively provide officers and employees of the "COMPANY"with proper education and training opportunities to ensure these Policy can be communicated and properly understood by the relevant personnel.

Prevention of information security breach and proper response

We will endeavor to prevent any information security breach. If any adverse event should occur, we will minimize any loss or damege through emergency response, determine the causes, and implement proper recurrence prevention measures.

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