Corporate History
In January 1946 Shinichi Shimoda founded a marine parts manufacturing plant as a subcontracting factory of Harima shipyard at Matsunoura-cho, Aioi City.
In August 1948 The plant was moved to 2-chome, Asahi, Aioi City, thus being established as Shimoda Tekkosho Co., Ltd. with the capitalization of 150,000 yen.
In July 1957 Started as a flange specialty plant. The capitalization was increased to 450,000yen.
In August 1962 The head office plant was moved to 250, Ryusen-cho, Aioi City (present residence).
In November 1966 Awarded a prize as a excellent entrepreneur by the Director of the Small & Medium Industry Agency.
In May 1967 Tomoya Shimoda took office as president due to the death of Shinichi Shimoda.
In May 1970 The capitalization was increased to 15 million yen.
In January 1975 Tatsuno Plant was newly constructed and put into service at Kitayama, Issai-cho, Tatsuno City
In March 1980 Tatsuno Plant was extended.
In December 1981 The head office building was newly constructed.
In July 1983 The head office plant was newly constructed. State-of-the-art machine tools were introduced.
In December 1988 The capitalization was increased to 30million yen.
In April 1990 The firm name was changed to Shimoda Iron Works Co., Ltd. .
In May 1996 Obtained the certificate of compliance with ISO9001.
In 2005 The head office north plant was newly constructed.

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