Introduced an Ozone Air Disinfector to prevent infection with COVID-19


A new device “Ozone Air Disinfector” has been introduced in our office in order to strengthen our measures to prevent infection with COVID-19. This device has double functions of Air Drawing Mode and Ozone Fumigation Mode to protect workers in the office against coronavirus.

Safety Air Drawing

Contaminated air is drawn into the device through Pre-Filter and Anti-Bacterial Filter and is then disinfected by ozone gas only inside the device. The device inactivates viruses trapped by the filter by using ozone gas and then built-in ozone converter decomposes ozone gas into pure oxygen before being outputted again. Since ozone gas is never emitted into the air the room can be kept safety and healthy.

Safety Ozone Fumigation

Ozone fumigation is to be made when nobody is present at the room. High concentrated ozone gas is generated into the empty room to disinfect the entire room. Not only the room air but also virus-containing airborne droplets on the wall, ceiling or even backside of the equipment can be disinfected.

Once this disinfection cycle is completed, built-in converter automatically removes the ozone gas from the room.